Also known as feather-stroke or 3D brow embroidery or microblading. 

It is a form of tattoo that is created by using a hand tool and/or a machine, pigment is applied to the upper dermal layer of the skin rather than the deeper layers of the skin which is why it lasts 12 – 36 months and is referred to as a semi permanent make up as opposed to a regular tattoo that is permanent. This is great as brow fashion does change!


You will need 2 treatments 4-6 weeks apart to achieve a natural and long lasting result.


To ensure your very best results and comfort during the treatment it is recommended that you:

• Avoid alcohol for 24 hrs prior to the procedure

• Avoid coffee for 8 hrs prior to the procedure

• Don't take any pain relief i.e. paracetamol, ibuprofen, codeine or asprin

• No fake tan or sun exposure 30 days prior & 30 days after treatment

• Avoid Aspirin, Paracetamol, fish Oil, Niacin, Vitamin E and Ibuprofen unless medically prescribed

• No vigorous activity on the day of the treatment - salt from sweat will dilute the pigment

• Redness and/or swelling are normal for 24 hrs after this treatment so please do not book your appointment too close to important social engagements


1st Treatment – 2 Hours        

2nd/3rd Treatment – 1.5 Hours
within the 4 – 8 week healing time between appointments


Maintenance Treatment – 2 Hours

6 mths to 18 months after initial treatment/s


18 months or longer after initial treatment/s



Your first 2.5 hour treatment ensures a thorough consultation and health history so that we achieve exactly the shape and colour of brow you want, that will suit your face & eye shape, skin & hair colouring and facial bone structure. Nothing is done without your full consent and with all your questions answered to your complete satisfaction and unless it is absolutely safe for you.

Your new design/shape is measured and drawn onto your brow and the most appropriate colour choice is made with you before we continue to the treatment.

Your brow area is numbed with a topical anaesthetic the individual hair strokes are drawn into the skin with a sterilised disposable hand tool with FDA purpose approved pigment. This can feel a little scratchy but many clients comment that tweezing any stray brow hairs is more painful! After the first pass of strokes a secondary anaesthetic is applied to ensure your complete comfort.

Your first appointment will complete the overall brow shape and structure. Strokes cannot be placed too close together at this time because as the pigment migrates and settles into an upper dermal level it can spread a little sideways and the stokes then  become blurred or a solid looking line. We are aiming for a natural individual hair stroke effect and we achieve this by adding definition and detail on your second appointment 4 – 8 weeks later. Very occasionally some clients require 3 treatments to achieve the best finished result and this can be dependant on skin type of the individual.

You will be sent home with full home care instructions and a home care pack with everything you need to ensure the best possible long term results.

Oily skin & younger skins retain the pigment for less time 6 –12 months, the good news is that being older with drier skin is a bonus! You will retain pigment much longer for 18 – 36 months. Brows can be maintained by a top up treatment when required.

Your Health and Safety is assured as all equipment, pigment & anaesthetics are sourced from USA /Europe and are fully disposable.  

I have completed a blood borne pathology and safety course and have 20 years advanced skin therapy qualifications & experience delivering dermal needling, chemical peel treatments & regular beauty therapy treatments. I am a certified semi permanent make up technician.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, undergoing chemotherapy, have diabetes, keloid scarring, Roaccutane/Accutaine medication within 6 months, or have serious medical issues then this procedure is not suitable for you. If you are in doubt please contact me to discuss further. Patch testing is available prior to the procedure as required for those who have allergies and/or sensitive skin – this is free of charge and recommended at least 48 hrs prior to the treatment. 

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Thanks again for the fantastic job on my eyebrows. I am beyond thrilled with them. Thank you so much for your awesome job. Your attention to detail is beyond compare and I am more than happy to recommend you to anyone .

Lynne – February 2017