Skin tightening and lifting with Plasma Pen is suitable for any healthy individual wanting to see instant improvement without surgery or injectables.

As a therapist I can offer a treatment that gets results where I have been unable to offer significant change previously. Reduce hooded upper eyelids, saggy lower eyelids and vertical lines around the mouth and upper lip.

Plasma Ion is a treatment that significantly improves the previously difficult to treat areas of the upper and lower eye, crows feet and vertical lines around the mouth.

A plasma arc  is applied to create specific tightening effects due to the reflexive effect of skin shrinkage created during the treatment. It is advisable to have a few days of downtime afterwards as there is likely some swelling around the eyes and some crusting of the carbon dots created on the skin treated. This can be covered with mineral powder the next day or foundation from day two. As the skin is not broken during treatment there is little risk of infection afterwards.


From the shedding of the carbon dots by day three - four you will see redness in the treatment area, for a few weeks this reduces. The lifting effect is visible immediately and will be progressively improved after the first week of healing.

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I'm so proud of my, now showing eyelids, that is looking bright and open instead of loose and saggy eyelids and tired looking. Thanks Julie I feel and look years younger.

Wanda – June 2018